Friday, December 19, 2008

Long Absence

I apologize to my readers for my lengthy absence, but I should be back on track now. There's so much that has been happening and so much to talk about, and yet the overall picture is still the same. Palestine remains occupied, and no one appears to give a hoot about the suffering of innocent Palestinians, including the corrupt puppets and slaves of the Palestinian Authority. The February 14 puppets and slaves in Lebanon are still attempting to maintain their grip on power, although that grip appears to be loosening bit by bit, in spite of continuous American encouragement and assurances. Of course the highlight of the last few months was the Iraqi reporter throwing his shoe at George Bush, the butcher of Baghdad. Nothing could have expressed the true sentiments of the Iraqi people more than that simple act of basic human instinct. I did see Raghida Dergham condemn and denounce the courageous act of Mountadhar Al-Zeidi, but as a journalist for hire and a slave, nothing applies to her better than the famous words of Said Taqieddine: "How eloquent is the harlot when she lectures on chastity." In fact, this phrase pretty much sums up all the nonsense spewed by the slaves, puppets, and defeatists of the Arab World.