Monday, May 17, 2010

It's NOT the Joulan, Stupid!

It is getting quite tiring to see all the talk from Shami (Syrian Arab Republic) circles about "peace with Israel" and the return of the Joulan, whether fully or partially, or whether with sovereignty but without possession, as if now the only problem a Shami has with the Jewish entity is the Joulan. Once it is returned, this problem will be solved. This of course is a nonsensical position and is a result of the divisions the west was able to create and enforce in our nation, such that now Lebanon has its own problems, as does Sham, as does Palestine, as does Iraq, etc. And no two issues should be mixed or conflated because each entity should be looking after its own interests as an "independent", "sovereign" state.

The fact is that the Syrian nation has a single national cause and a single interest in life, such that any and all threats to any part of the nation are a threat to the nation as a whole. And any occupation of any part of its homeland is an occupation that affects the homeland in its entirety. To fragment and divide our cause is what gives the Jewish occupation the biggest service of all, as it causes us to lose sight of the nature of the struggle and renders us paralyzed before the enemy's assault on the nation. Unfortunately, however, Syrians continue to fall victim to the deception and trickery of "Israel" by going along with its continuous aim to divide our will and make us too fragmented and dispersed to mount an effective campaign against its usurpation of our land and its violation of our national rights.

Every inch of Syrian territory (including every inch of occupied Palestine) belongs to the Syrian nation (as a whole, in all its generations, and not as a group of individuals) and only the Syrians have the right to control and possess it. Therefore, the issue is not that the Joulan is occupied Shami territory that must be returned to the Shami entity in exchange for "peace" with the usurping entity. Rather, the issue is that the Jewish entity in its very nature is a threat to all of Syria and is a violation of Syrian national rights, and as such its very existence should be combated as no nation can reasonably accept a racist, cancerous entity within its body.