Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gaza on My Mind

The distortion of the facts in Gaza being perpetrated by the mainstream media today, specifically in the US is truly appalling and grotesque. It is of course no surprise, as the US media has always took it upon itself to beautify the image of "Israel" and conceal its ugly nature from the public. However, the deceptive propaganda campaign being waged by these self-described "objective" journalists, reporters, and analysts is quite outlandish. Justifications for the killing of civilians are being made on a regular basis through the ludicrous claims that Palestinian civilians are hiding weapons stockpiles in their homes, schools, and medical clinics. (I of course don't have any problem with anyone helping the resistance in anyway possible, as it is the duty of every patriotic Syrian to aid the resistance against this cancerous, rotten entity) Moreover, "Israel" is continuously and consistently being portrayed as defending itself against brutal attacks by "terrorists," when reality has clearly shown that "Israel" itself is the true terrorist and criminal in this conflict. In addition, once again our people are being stripped of any legitimate cause in the media (with the participation of saudi-funded propaganda outlets) by arguing that the resistance is made up of proxies causing trouble for the sake of advancing a political agenda of another country. The suffering of our people and their endurement of one of the most brutal occupations in human history is thereby denied and relegated to minimum importance and our righteous cause in fighting for our basic national rights is thereby stripped. It is up to us to correct these misstatements of facts and distortions of the truth by using every possible avenue available to us to bring the truth to the public. I urge all our people to organize and become active as we are engaged in a struggle of life or death, whatever the outcome, we are the ones to answer for the consequences.


Lirun said...

the unrwa school bombed was entirely boobie trapped.. video evidence has been fwdd to ban ki moon.. you can deny it all you like..

but it wont help you become a productive member of the solution..

i think syria has a unique position in the middle east..

if it achieves peace with israel it will be able to weild enormous influence to help resolve the conflict once and for all and consequently end the suffering of both the palestinian and its own people who are on a clear path to starvation and incredible poverty..

Nour said...

That's a lie. No video was sent to Ban Ki Moon and there's really no way for you to know that because you have no first-hand access to any of this info. What we do know is that the UN has clearly stated there were no militants at the school. "Israel" continues to find excuses to kill people, but they are now beginning to lose this PR war as no one is buying their BS anymore. "Israel" is a criminal, unnatural entity that can only survive by killing and driving out the indigenous inhabitants of the land.