Monday, January 5, 2009

"Israeli" Crimes in Gaza

Norwegian doctor and Gaza aid worker Mads Gilbert gives an accurate account of the carnage, destruction, and deliberate civilian targeting that the Jewish entity is visiting upon Gaza.


janhoo said...

It may be of interest to you that Mr. Gilbert is a partisan observer who has long been active in Palestinian organizations in Norway. He is an active member of a revolutionary socialist party, and has also been vocal in his support for the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Mr. Gilbert clearly has a political agenda and should not be trusted as an independent observer.

Nour said...

It may be of interest to you that anyone who reports accurately the crimes this rotten entity is committing against innocent civilians is considered a "partisan" observer by people like yourself. I'm sure you'd rather see "objective" accounts by the likes of Mark Regev instead, but alas, unfortunately for you, there are people out there who actually are seeing the true nature of "Israel." And if you believe we should be hearing from other sources, then why don't you demand that the Jewish entity allow foreign reporters and journalists into the Gaza strip so that they my report directly from the site of the crime. So all in all, nice try, but your pathetic propaganda does not work with us.