Saturday, June 14, 2008

Continuous Stalling in Government Formation

We are approaching a month since the Doha Agreement was finalized, and we have yet to witness the formation of the new Lebanese government. These last few weeks have highlighted Lebanon's extreme sectarian and tribal nature, as the various sectarian and tribal groups have been engaging in heated disputes over who gets how many and which ministries. Unfortunately, it is this very sectarian nature of Lebanon that has led to all its past and recent woes, and yet our people and so-called "leaders" have continued on this path unwaveringly, insisting on gaining even petty sectarian benefits even if such benefits result in harm to the country at large.

I am going to refrain from addressing the particulars in this ongoing struggle because I believe strongly that unless the inherently sectarian, corrupt Lebanese system undergoes a complete overhaul, we are merely going to witness repeated violent conflicts, interrupted by periods of more stable sectarian bickering and widespread corruption. All those who claim to support the rise of a strong Lebanese state should immediately withdraw from all sectarian groups and demand a system that represents all Lebanese citizens equally. Otherwise such episodes as we saw last month are bound to repeat themselves, especially given that the interest in serving particularistic, selfish interests leads many Lebanese politicians to collaborate with the enemy to the detriment of their country and countrymen.

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