Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Europe to the Rescue

If anyone out there is wondering what the solution is to the Palestinian issue, Europe has the answer for you. In fact, just yesterday a conference was held in Berlin, Germany, to secure funds for the one missing piece that will make the dream of all Palestinians come true. While I know that readers are anxiously awaiting the substance of this story, I would like to review Europe’s history in this conflict so that we may put the European nations’ current charitable deed in its proper context.

In 1916, France and Britain, being the self-proclaimed rulers of the world, entered into the Sykes-Picot Agreement (named after Sir Mark Sykes and Georges Picot, the respective diplomats of the two nations) which divided the Syrian nation into various zones of influence, leading to the creation of the current statelets we have today. This agreement was followed in 1917 by the infamous Balfour Declaration, issued by Lord Arthur James Balfour, the foreign secretary of the Kingdom, promising the Jews a "homeland" in Palestine. The British at the time apparently wanted to compensate the Jews for their persecution at the hands of Europeans by generously awarding them another people’s land.

Throughout this period, the British were of course actively helping European Jews immigrate to Palestine in accordance with their plan. In 1947, with the European nations taking the lead, the UN General Assembly approved a partition plan which essentially legitimized the occupation of Palestine by granting the Jewish settlers, who made up 30% of the population (after the organized immigration campaigns) and owned less than 7% of the land, 56% of Palestine proper, including the most fertile regions. The British subsequently armed Jewish terrorist gangs before withdrawing, thereby setting the stage for the creation of the exclusively Jewish state of "Israel."

Once it was declared, all European nations raced to recognize the new exclusivist state on Palestinian land, while none raised so much as a voice over the brutal massacres and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian civilians. Since then, Europeans have actively aided the Jewish state in its occupation by providing it with military and financial assistance. France was one of the main providers of military weapons for "Israel" until the 1970's and was responsible for helping "Israel" build its nuclear weapons arsenal. France and Britain also fought side by side with Israel in the 1956 Sinai war and directly assisted the Jewish entity in the 1967 war. Even as recently as a few years ago, Germany provided "Israel" with nuclear submarines.

Moreover, Europe has generally looked the other way at "Israel’s" repeated and consistent violation of UN resolutions, as well as its numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity. Europeans further directly participated in the blockade of Gaza to punish the Palestinians for choosing the wrong candidates in their elections.

So, after all this rich history in the Palestine conflict, what was Europe’s solution for Palestine’s problems? More "Palestinian Authority" police and larger prisons. That’s right; apparently the main problem plaguing Palestinians today is that not enough are being imprisoned. The continued occupation, the killing of civilians, and the suffocation of an entire population are secondary issues according to Europe’s "civilized" nations. If this doesn’t make up for all their prior crimes against our people, then I don’t know what does. Therefore, I say "Europe to the Rescue."

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erzal said...

Another impeccable article Nour, thanks for highlighting this topic. The european intention towards our nation has never changed, I think the jewish lobbies of Europe have played a major role in manipulating and provoking EU countries to protect the jews and supporting them. Like recently Sarkozi who is a well known Jew visited occupied palestine along with 7 french MP and 80 business men and 40 leading memebers of the french jewish community.