Saturday, June 14, 2008

SOFA (Another Ugly Face of Occupation)

Iraqis have recently stated that negotiations over a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) have stalled due to various unaccepable demands by the United States. Among those demands are the establishment of indefinite American bases in Iraq, the completely free access of US jets over Iraqi airspace, the right of American forces to attack and/or arrest anyone they please at anytime they please, and a blanket immunity from prosecution for all US troops and security contractors (i.e., mercenaries).

The fact that there are even negotiations over such an agreement has shown the clear ugly face of the US occupation of Iraq. Under the guise of spreading "democracy" the United States has proceeded to commit one of the most brutal, heinous crimes against an entire population. And now, the United States is apparently trying to add to Iraq's humiliation and subjugation by attempting to establish a permanent occupation of Iraq.

It has become increasingly apparent that the only path toward true Iraqi freedom and sovereignty is Resistance. The United States is evidently not interested in pursuing a political process which would create conditions that would allow Iraq to control its own territory. Rather, the United States is more interested in continuing its illegal occupation of an entire country, so that it may maintain control of its natural resources and prevent it from ever achieving true independence and advancement. Therefore, if US troops are not forcefully evicted from Iraq, the situation is only likely to become more dire.

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