Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jenin Revisited

As I was going through some videos yesterday, I happened to stumble on a documentary film I had seen a few years ago about the massacre in Jenin. The film, Jenin Jenin, was a 2002 first hand account of what took place in Jenin during the "Israeli" vicious assault on the camp. The producer of the film, Iyad Samoudi was subsequently shot and killed by "Israeli" soldiers in Yamun. The film itself tells the story of the Jenin massacre through the words of the camp's residents, as there is no narration in the film. This film, however, is a must see for all those who are interested in seeing the criminal and genocidal nature of the Jewish state, and what effect its murderous actions have on Palestinian civilians.

Ever since its inception, "Israel" has carried out a continuous campaign of oppression and persection against the Palestinian people in order to make life so miserable for them that they would have to leave this land allegedly promised to the Jews by the real estate agent of the heavens. In carrying out this oppression campaign, the Jewish state has continuously and systematically engaged in killing and maiming of civilians, demolition of homes, expropriation of land, uprooting of trees and orchards, looting of homes, theft of people's life-savings, and imprisonment and torture of men, women, and children. The Jenin camp itself was formed after the forced expulsion of residents of Haifa in 1948, who were taken by bus at gunpoint by Jewish terrorist groups in order to clear the area of its indigenous inhabitants and make way for its new Jewish settlers. These natives of Haifa of course have absolutely no right under Jewish "Israeli" law to return to their homes, stolen from them by Jewish settlers.

One of the stories that came out of this ethnic cleansing operation is documented in United Nations archives. A group of former Haifa residents exited the bus in Jenin on a very hot day. As they were suffering from extreme thirst, they pleaded with the Jewish terrorist militants to provide them with some water, to which these militants apparently agreed. A little later these terrorist militants came back with gallons of what appeared to be some type of fluid. As they approached the Palestinian civilians, they dumped the fluid on them and ignited it. This fluid was gasoline and the Palestinian refugees were burned alive. The very nature of this Jewish state is very clearly exemplified in this story. It is a state intent on killing and ethnically cleansing Palestinians, as their entity must be of Jewish purity. It is a state based on a racist, hate-filled ideology which regards the native inhabitants of this land as subhumans.

Today's media, of course, conceals every criminal aspect of the Jewish entity and attempts to portray "Israel" as a thriving "democracy" in a sea of dictatorship and backwardness. This "democracy," however, is in fact a racist theocracy which aims to build a state for Jews only. The massacre of Jenin was not only deliberately hidden from the public eye, but was in fact so twisted and distorted, that the media attempted to imply that the "Israelis" themselves were the victims of the Palestinian inhabitants of the camp. Video footage of Israeli tanks crushing Palestinian men who were forced to strip naked and lie on the ground was not shown to the international public. Investigators were adamantly prohibited from going to Jenin to determine what actually took place without so much as an utterance from the worldwide media. Reporters who were able to gain access to the camp spoke of the smell of death everywhere. It is not known how many bodies were buried under the rubble.

The Jenin massacre was in fact an act completely in line with the nature and concept of the Jewish entity. It was a savage, barbaric act by a terror machine bent on destroying the very livelihood of all Palestinians. It was an act that should have shown the entire world what this "light unto the nations" truly is. However, the world has closed its eyes and plugged its ears to the suffering of the Palestinians. The so-called western "civilized" world is actively aiding in the destruction of Palestine and in the killing of Palestinians, as well as the killing of Syrians in general. As for the Arab World, aside from the occasional outbursts over some cartoons of the Prophet in an obscure European newspaper, we cannot expect much from them. Our only salvation is to unify our ranks across our entire homeland from Iraq to Palestine and collectively confront the threat to our very existence. Otherwise, we can only expect the future to look even more gloomy and grim than the present.

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